SAINt JHN Says Kanye West's Ideas 'Aren't Outrageous & Offensive,' Calls Him Progressive

HipHop News Posted on December 1, 2020 at 8:55am

SAINt JHN Says Kanye West's Ideas 'Aren't Outrageous & Offensive,' Calls Him Progressive

The Brooklyn rapper says Kanye inspired him to drop "Pray 4 Me" after initially wanting to keep the song to himself.

On his third studio album, While The World Was Burning, SAINt JHN acquired the biggest feature of his career when Kanye West laid down a pair of verses on “Pray 4 Me” and “Smack DVD,” respectively. Despite how people might feel about the Chicago legend, a feature by him is a good look regardless.

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“It was legendary because I played him the entire collection in Wyoming, and then we were going through that collection and looking at the 100 foot TV,” JHN said. “It’s actually the 70 foot TV. That was a smaller one. And he’s listening to it like somebody that’s the architect of these types of progressive ideas.”

JHN praised Kanye for pushing rap music beyond anyone’s expectations and explained how vital it was to have him lay down the groundwork for JHN to model his career after. According to the Brooklyn native, Kanye crowned him the leader of the next generation stating, “He told me from his mouth, he says, he’s generation zero, and I’m generation one and I perfected it.”

Getting the collaborations done with Kanye didn’t matter to JHN either. The moment he shared with Kanye and the comments he yielded was more than JHN could ever ask of


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