SEE: T. I. Questions of the conference of the parties On Its Detention In the New Prison Video

HipHop News Posted on May 17, 2018 at 2:13am

SEE: T. I. Questions of the conference of the parties On Its Detention In the New Prison Video

Tip also the details of the interaction with the security guard that took him stopped from his own perspective.

Since the arrest of T. I. in the early morning of May 16, TMZ has obtained a video of the rapper in a heated conversation with a police officer during his arrest.

T. I. is seen talking with a police officer, while he is being processed at the Jail of the County of Henry. Going a little calm is asked for a decent reason why he was arrested. The official responds that the T. I. was "acting like a fool" and that he should not have approached the security guard the second time was let in.

T. I. then defends himself by saying that he has all the right to approach the guard as it is a tax paid by the citizens.

TMZ also reports more details after speaking with T. I. directly. In the first place, the security guard was reportedly asleep when T. I. first tried to get in. The police report also read that T. I. shouted, "Hook me up", in the guard, but T. I. says that he said to him, "Look at me."

After that the guard could not find T. I. in the directory, T. I.'s wife Tiny called the security guard to give him permission to enter. The guard then reportedly shouted to the Little ones, "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to me this way?" T. I. then became visibly upset and told the guard, "I pay you." He tried to get the guard's name, but the guard reportedly refused.

Finally, after arriving home, T. I. returned to the guard to get his name. After another rejection in his attempt, T. I. told the guard, "You can step out of the cab in the street, so we can talk." The guard then felt threatened and called the police, who arrested T. I.

T. I. claims of the security guards and the police have not found surveillance footage to see what really happened.

WSB-TV Atlanta 2 has interviewed other residents of the community who say that a couple of security guards, including the one involved in T. I. arrest, "do not use common sense."

T. I.'s lawyer also issued the following statement to WSB-TV Atlanta 2:

"The suggestion was unj


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