$ha Hef of the press "Kommunity Service" Album

HipHop News Posted on May 11, 2018 at 12:53am

$ha Hef of the press "Kommunity Service" Album

11 tracks of raw, New York City bars.

Similar to Big Pun and Kool Keith, you can immediately tell when certain rappers get on the microphone. The same goes for the born in the Bronx, $ha Hef, who just dropped his new album Kommunity Service.

Directly from the submission of the first line in the first track, "I'm from where the roaches get to runnin' when the light hits/Fall in the pot and see that the rock when the ice hit," you can immediately tell that Hef is just as hungry and driven as ever.

Kommunity Service, weighs in at 11 tracks no guest features. The production is handled by 183rd along with other acquaintances to the same rough sound you come to expect from Hef.

Listen to the album below.

1. Kommunity Service Introduction

2. Money Obsession

3. 448

4. Head Black in Charge

5. Cash Incentive

6. Advance

7. Figi Water

8. Jesus Piece

9. Lift

10. The Jungle

11. No Price


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