Sheck Wes Claims He Went Undrafted In 2020 NBA Draft: '29 Teams Will Regret This Night'

HipHop News Posted on November 19, 2020 at 2:12am

Sheck Wes Claims He Went Undrafted In 2020 NBA Draft: '29 Teams Will Regret This Night'

The 'Mo Bamba' rapper releases a video for his new song '2020 DRAFT.'

Sheck Wes became Twitter’s leading trending topic on Wednesday (November 18), but it wasn’t for anything music-related. The “Mo Bamba” rapper surprisingly claimed he was in the 2020 NBA Draft just hours before the virtual event took place.

“Damn… it’s really real, The 2020 NBA DRAFT, all my life I always wanted to follow my passion for music and basketball,” he wrote on Instagram. “Playing basketball and going to play pro in the @nba is something that I always strived for. Tonight that dream comes true!”.centered-ad {

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He added, “I want to thank the @nba for their hard work with the growing the game and every team that gave me an opportunity to work out and talk with them. I also want to thank my team and my fans for always being there! TUNE IN TO THE 2020 NBA DRAFT tonight!!!!”

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6’2 190 7’0 wingspan

— Sheck La ‘Kobe Sprewell Shakur (@sheckwes) November 18, 2020

The draft came and went without Sheck being drafted, but he did drop a video for his new song “2020 DRAFT.” The visual stars 2K Sports digital marketing director Ronnie 2K and social star Zack Bia among others, and opens with a parody of NBA commissioner Adam Silver announcing that the New York Knicks have selected Sheck as the first


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