Snoop Dogg Says Master P Talked him Out Of $1M 'Fuck the Death row' Album

HipHop News Posted on July 30, 2020 at 7:40am

Snoop Dogg Says Master P Talked him Out Of $1M 'Fuck the Death row' Album

The West Coast gangsta rap icon now, she says, "Thank God for Master P."

Snoop Dogg joined The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee for a video of the interview earlier this week where they talked about Eminem and Dr. Dre, his recent Verzuz battle with DMX and the next docu-series from Master P in the label No Limit Records.

During the conversation, Snoop admitted Master P essentially saved his life by talking of it to make an album called Fuck Death row. This, obviously, was after Snoop to the left of the Suge Knight-led footprint..focused on the ad {

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"Do you realize that what saved my life?" Snoop said that around the 45 minute mark. "Master P saved my life. I was going to put an album called Fuck Death row and Mack 10 was going to give me a million dollars to get it out. I would like to go there [to the office] to see Mack 10 and when I was going to go up there, I would have to pass by Master P's No Limit to the shit. I spent a day and Mystikal was there."

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After a particular session of study, Master P asked how much money Snoop wanted for his work. At the time, Snoop was nowhere near the cultural icon that it is today, so he replied "15," meaning of $1,500.

"I come back the next day, Master P wrote me a check for $35,000," he s


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