SpotemGottem's Attorney Plans To Beat Box Dallas PD In Court Over Murder Connection

HipHop News Posted on September 3, 2021 at 6:40am

SpotemGottem's Attorney Plans To Beat Box Dallas PD In Court Over Murder Connection

Dallas police wrongly linked the rapper's lyrics to the murder of Reginald Agnew Jr.

Jacksonville, Florida rapper SpotemGottem — best known for his hit single “Beat Box” — was recently wanted for questioning by Dallas police in connection to the murder of Reginald Agnew Jr. on September 30, 2020.

However, SpotemGottem is reportedly no longer a person of interest, with his attorney Raven Liberty planning to file a lawsuit against the police department citing “reckless, false statements,” according to Complex.

Dallas homicide detective Patty Belew suggested a Triller video proved SpotemGottem was guilty, telling Fox4News, “That is very bold acting like, ‘Hey, we did this. The police don’t even know who did this and we’re going to get away with murdering this young man.’”

SpotemGottem raps in the unreleased song, “They don’t even know who did it.”

After SpotemGottem’s name was cleared, his attorney shared a statement with Complex calling out Patty Belew and revealed the global damage caused to the 19-year-old artist’s name.

“Over the last five days, multiple attempts to contact the Dallas Police Department have been made in an effort to address the reckless, false statements made by Dallas Homicide Detective Patty Belew to Fox4News (KDFW) regarding the involvement of Nehemiah Harden a/k/a Spottemgottem in the death of Reginal Agnew, Jr,” the statement began.

“Finally, this morning, the Dallas Police Department made contact with my office confirming that Mr. Harden is cleared in the investigation of the murder of Reginal Agnew, Jr,” it continues. “The libelous statements made by Det. Belew originated from her misunderstanding about a YouTube “rap video” (in fact, a live stream) that Det. Belew claimed was about the death of Reginald Agnew, Jr and taunted the Dallas Police Department.


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