Steve Stoute Claims Original Version Of Nas' "Ether" Was Terrible

HipHop News Posted on November 23, 2017 at 1:00am

Steve Stoute Claims Original Version Of Nas' "Ether" Was Terrible

"If this shit comes out, his career is over."

Steve Stoute, a Hip Hop mogul often regarded as one of the most important people in the industry, fell in the Revolt of the Drink Fields along with the Tone (from the production duo Trackmasters) the spill of a healthy amount of tea of Hip-Hop heads.

The two covered a lot of ground contacts N. O. R. E. and DJ EFN, but the most intriguing aspect of the disclosure is of one of rap's most emblematic tracks of the thesis. According to Stoute, was not an entirely different version of Nas' "Ether" that almost made its way into Stillmatic — and it was terrible.

When N. O. R. E. asked Stoute if he was nervous to listen to the "Taking of possession", the exec replied, "Nervous was an understatement." He noted that he and JAY had become friendly in all that time, which made it itch more.

"He is a secret friend and not told me that he was going to do that ... I felt betrayed."

"I thought of Nas' career was over," Stoute, supports. "He wasn't taking it so seriously. There was a lot of shit that I was dealing with [at the time]."

According to Stoute, the "Ether" beat was originally sent to Nas, without any intention of it becoming a thesis log. The legendary MC was not feeling well, and soon, the two of you, not even in the terms — despite Stoute executively produce Stillmatic.

"It was the lowest point in our relationship," Stoute said N. O. R. E. and EFN.

That all changed when Nas called him to the study of the night before the album was to be mastered. Nas played "Ether" black beer, apparently in search of information about whether he had gone too far.

"I take off my coat, 'We'll stay here all night. We have to fix this", said Nas. "This is a disaster ... if this shit comes out, his career is over."

The existence of an alternative version of "Ether" was first brought to light by the producer Large Professor on ThisIs50 Radio back in 2012.

"When Nas was the first work in the 'Ether', that was more of a Swizz Bea


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