Styles P Unveils "G-Host" At The Album Art And The Track List

HipHop News Posted on May 1, 2018 at 7:47am

Styles P Unveils "G-Host" At The Album Art And The Track List

Features include Dyce Payne, Oswin Benjamin, and the production by Poobs — among others.

Styles P has revealed the cover art for their ninth studio album, G-Host, which will be available this Friday, May 4.

The 16-track project comes on the heels of its March 2018 Nickel Bag EP, and is the LOX member's first full-length solo work, because that 2015 is A Wise Man and a Wise Man In the meantime, the D-Block Records co-founder had an active, 2017, collaborating with Talib Kweli in The Seven, Berner Vibes and, of course, The LOX on #4NoReAsOn.

In an interview with HHN247, Styles P shares the first single from the album, "the Heat of the Night", which was presented in the month of April, it was actually made years ago and sat untouched while I waited for the right moment to release it.

G-Host harnesses producer Poobs, Boger, Jimmy Dukes, Grade a, Divine Bars, and Vinny Idol, and brings the features Dyce Payne, Kody, Nino Man, Boog Jones, and more.

Check out the cover art and tracklist below.

1. "Bubble" featuring Dyce Payne (Produced by Boger)

2. "Well-being", with Whispers (Produced by Jimmy Dukes)

3. "Coolest of the O. G." featuring Dyce Payne (Produced by Phonix Beats)

4. "Ghost Wars" (Produced by Rondon and Poobs)

5. "(Skit) Ronald Grump" with Jacob Berger, Khardier Da God and Cris Streetz (Produced by Poobs)

6. "Wait Your Turn B" (Produced by Black Swan)

7. "The heat of the Night" with Kody (Produced by Poobs)

8. "(Skit) Sick" with Kay rosewood (Produced by Poobs)

9. "Morning " Duel" with Oswin Benjamin (Produced by Divine Bars)

10. "Different shit" (Produced by Dayzel The Machine)

11. "For This Occasion" (Produced by Grade a)

12. "Window to the Soul" (Produced by Vinny Idol)

13. "(Skit) Going to Live" with Nino Man & Dyce Payne (Produced by Poobs)

14. "Stop the Lames" with Boog Jones (Produced by Prophe.T.)

15. "(Skit) Still Live Lit" with Nino Man & Dyce Payne (Produced by Poobs)

16. "Going Through Hell" (Produced by Scram Jones)<


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