$uicideboy$ Release "KILL YOURSELF SERIES XVI-XX" EPs

HipHop News Posted on September 12, 2017 at 10:11am

$uicideboy$ Release "KILL YOURSELF SERIES XVI-XX" EPs

15 tracks of the New Orleans cousins.

Fresh from a hectic weekend in the Day N Night Festival, $uicideboy$ drop a whopping five EPs in your KILLING YOURSELF of the SAGA of the series.

In chronological order, the EPs are The Faded Strains of the Saga, The Burning Sacrifice of the Saga, The Fall of the Idols of the Series, The Deep End of the Saga and the Infinity of the Series. Each one has three tracks of decisions for 15 new songs in total from the New Orleans cousins.

Check out the stream, cover art and list of songs for kill XVI-XX below.

1. I Am Done

2. Smoked, With Scope Of

3. Darkness

4. Lamar Avenue

5. The Second Line Come With Souls Broken

6. The Face

7. I Am The Apocalypse

8. Goodbye

9. Since The Beginning Of Time Until The End

10. Leave Me Alone

11. Failure By The Design

12. Introversion 2.0

13. For The Last Time

14. Hung Me From A Person

15. Now I'm Up to the Neck With Offers


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