TDE's REASON Is Adamant 'The Soul Pt. 2' Was Not A Diss To Rapper Logic

HipHop News Posted on October 23, 2020 at 3:10am

TDE's REASON Is Adamant 'The Soul Pt. 2' Was Not A Diss To Rapper Logic

He also revealed he had a conversation with Kendrick Lamar about incorporating his 'Soul' series into 'The Heart' series.

There are rappers in the industry who release a song that become so popular amongst fans that it becomes a full-on series. Drake has his “AM/PM” series, Rick Ross has six different parts to “Maybach Music,” and Meek Mill rapped the tale of Tony Story across three installments. Song series is a staple in Hip Hop, and the trend is going to continue well-on into the future.

One of the new artists in the game who has already started his own series is catching a lot of buzz off it. In 2018, REASON unleashed “The Soul,” his first single as a signed artist. The record introduced the world to TDE’s newest rapper at the time and quickly became one of his fans most favorite songs. It was only right that REASON gave the song a sequel, and in 2020, the Carson native dropped “The Soul (Pt. 2).” The record kicked off the next chapter in REASON’s young career and had a lot of people tuned in to what he was saying on the track..centered-ad {

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“Those records are like a time capsule of where I’m at mentally. They’re my most honest records. You’re not going to find more honesty in no REASON records besides those records,” REASON tells HipHopDX. “That’s just kind of where I was in that space in my life, and I feel like it was important to write that record.”

“It’s funny because I didn’t think now was the best time to drop that. I felt lik


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