Tech N9ne's Hip Hop Legacy Praised By Rock Legend Elton John

HipHop News Posted on December 5, 2020 at 8:25am

Tech N9ne's Hip Hop Legacy Praised By Rock Legend Elton John

Real recognize real and Sir Elton said the Strange Music CEO is looking familiar

With 21 studio albums to date and several millions of independent records sold, Tech N9ne and his Strange Music imprint has been fodder for constant music industry conversation, primarily because his success has eschewed all the glitz and glamour of big-scale visibility.

In a new interview on rock ‘n roll legend’s Elton John’s Rocket Hour Apple Music 1 podcast which aired on Saturday (December 5), the proud Kansas City rapper was given his props from one of the biggest artists to ever grace a microphone. .centered-ad {

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“This year alone, you’ve put out three albums,” Sir Elton John asked, honing in on the 2020 Tech N9ne album release schedule. “You’ve put out Enter Fear, More Fear, and Fear Exodus, is that right?”

Got to talk to @eltonofficial FINALLY! 😁 Twas SUCH a pleasure! Y'all be sure to check it out!

Elton John’s Rocket Hour airs at the following times on @AppleMusic 1:

Saturday 12/05 -12pm NY / 5pm LDNSunday 12/06 – 9pm NY / 2am LDN

— Tech N9ne (@TechN9ne) December 4, 2020

An appreciative Tech N9ne confirmed the Rocketman’s research before he proceeded to shower his 30-year career with positive critiques and praise.

“What I love about your records, the production on your records is so brilliant,” Sir Elton exclaimed. “I think, some of the best-produced records I


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