Teddy Walton Previews Of "Mental Health" Short Film With Lil B

HipHop News Posted on October 12, 2018 at 4:20am

Teddy Walton Previews Of "Mental Health" Short Film With Lil B

Coming soon — with an EP.

Los Angeles, CA – Teddy Walton is the sound architect behind the chart-topping hits such as Goldlink's "Crew" and Kendrick Lamar "LOVE". and now he's ramping things up with the imminent release of his upcoming EP of the Mental Health.

The Thursday (October 12th), the Grammy Award-winning producer was presented a trailer highlighting a short film with the narration of the Bay Area icon of Lil B. The short is scheduled to be released in conjunction with Mental Health. The teaser shows a montage of clips, including Teddy himself, as Lil B adds his comment on the Walton of the production. The clip ends with some words of encouragement: "Create your own happiness."

"The whole world is talking about mental health all the time," Teddy says in a press release. "It is something that has become a way to diagnose all the problems and the type of focus on the negative. My goal was to create a project that tells you about being happy."

Teddy has been working in Mental Health for a while now. At the end of last year, HipHopDX had the opportunity to catch up with the Memphis hitmaker for our #DXHitList Sessions series on Spotify and shared the moment chosen to take in the delicate theme throughout his music.

"The reason that I called the Mental Health is because when I go home to some people that I know," Walton explained to DX how he came up with the concept. "I don't feel like I have it, but I have spoken with the people without knowing that they have a mental illness. My mom works in that field, which is what she wakes up every day to do. But one day, I was cooling down and Lil Yachty hit me like, 'Hey, I got your verse just send me some beats.' Yachty is a huge influence on the youth. If I Yachty in my project, I am definitely naming it something that means something. It's going to sound crazy, but it is the fact that you are going to learn something from it."

Watch the trailer of Teddy Walton of Mental Health in brief below.


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