Tee Grizzley on the "First Day (Remix)" With Meek Mill Is Here

HipHop News Posted on February 5, 2018 at 10:34am

Tee Grizzley on the "First Day (Remix)" With Meek Mill Is Here

Complete with the Super Bowl LII references.

Philadelphia, PA – As the confetti still falls in the wake of Meek Mill's hometown Philadelphia Eagles first Super Bowl victory, Tee Grizzley has been considered at an appropriate time for the release of the official "First Day (Remix)", which co-stars the incarcerated MMG superstar.

Tee Grizzley tag of the house, 300, says HipHopDX remix was recorded in the 11th Street Studios in Atlanta, sometime in June of 2017.

The Detroit-bred rapper seems to have updated their voice with the Super Bowl LII-tinged lyrics like, "I've won 50 of the Eagles/Split with my dogs", as he starts the record of the second following verse Meek Milly's performance.

For the assets of rap fans, Meek Mill's inclusion on the remix, which feels like a function of setting a difference of an up-and-coming rapper trying to enjoy a greatest artist of celebrity. With its harsh by any means necessary ethos, the "First Day" has drawn a lot of comparisons with the Meek of the critically acclaimed "Dreams And Nightmares" 2012 intro of the track, which ironically, the Eagles christened their official Super Bowl song.

Last year, Tee Grizzley spoke with HipHopDX about the success of his single break, saying: "When I was locked up bro, I just write a lot of songs. I wrote this song. Not had a hook in it. I like that I'm going to be calm and to the first and then go up. Through all of my supply, I was just adding to it. Play and criticize. I like that I'm going to drop this first. That is why I have called the 'First Day', because that was the first thing I did when I left."

As for Meek Mill, his legal team has communicated the fact that they are optimistic the 30-year-old star will soon be vindicated of the two to four years of prison, the shackles of his physical and artistic frameworks.

In a recent interview with DX, the attorney Joe Tacopina enjoyed the way in which "look forward" to serve justice for the Judge Genece Brinkley.


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