Teyana Taylor Called "K. T. S. E." Debacle "An Honest Misunderstanding"

HipHop News Posted on July 12, 2018 at 8:17am

Teyana Taylor Called "K. T. S. E." Debacle "An Honest Misunderstanding"

The G. O. O. D. Music artist also clarifies his stance on threesomes next "3Way" the confession.

New York, NY – Teyana Taylor was a guest artist on The Angie Martinez Show, where she opened up about Keeping the Same Energy and the hiccups surrounding the release of the album.

K. T. S. E. is one of the last five to seven follow-up of projects produced by Kanye West. Despite the uproar for the album of the implementation, which includes one of West's now-infamous listening to the parties, K. T. S. E. was not complete.

"A couple of things that changed which I was not aware of," Taylor explains. "You wake up and the album is out and it is new to you, so that caught me off guard. It was also in the midst of all the world trying to make everybody happy. It was an honest misunderstanding I'm going to say."

She added, "I like the original version better ... it's Nothing personal against the tag or "You".

Shows the dispatch of the affairs and incomplete verses contributed to the album random release. When Martinez asks him what happened to Chris Brown on the project, says Brown was not able to finish his verse in time, but could not explain why other verses that had disappeared.

"With songs that only had one verse on there, I had completed all the songs," she says. "So it was like, to listen to a version with a lack of verses, it was like ... the spaces are no joke. But in terms of the verses are missing, I have no excuse for that. I do not know why the verses was missing."

Now, Taylor is focused on moving forward.

"What I realized is that he was only a couple of problems of communication," she says. "I think that in general it was still part of the Wyoming projects, these five albums. I don't know if I even consider this in my album. I'm just going to chuck, chuck."

In another part of the interview, Taylor opens up about the track "3Way" with Ty Dolla $ign, which influences your sex life with NBA star/husband Iman Shumpert. After listening to the song, the people in the social media, accusing him of being forced int


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