The alleged Victim In the Rape Case Against Nicki Minaj Brother Testifies

HipHop News Posted on October 31, 2017 at 5:11am

The alleged Victim In the Rape Case Against Nicki Minaj Brother Testifies

Maraj's lawyer, according to the report, claims it's of an extortion attempt.

The 10-year-old brother of a girl who was allegedly raped by Nicki Minaj brother Jelani Maraj took the stand last week and now, the alleged victim has testified at another hearing in the court.

According to Page Six, the alleged victim (Maraj's former stepdaughter), took the stand on Monday (30 October). She would have said that she was raped systematically, starting at the age of 11 years. As part of his testimony, he detailed the time of the attacks initially began.

"It was a Saturday morning," he said. "I went to him to go say" good day.' I had embraced him, as usual. I was going to go lie next to him as I usually do. When I did, he told me to go to close the door. He told me to remove his pants. Then he told me he came under the sheets with him and began to fondle me."

From there, Maraj allegedly raped the 11-year-old girl and ejaculated in her mouth.

She said Maraj continued to rape her after school, taking them to his bedroom or in the basement. Maraj also tried to blame the girl for their actions.

"He had mentioned that I was brushing myself in him and that he wanted that to happen," he said.

Later in his testimony, the alleged victim recalled being sodomized by Maraj.

"He uses lubricant and told me to breathe correctly and not to tighten so that it does not hurt so much," he said. "It hurt. I told him to stop and tried to push it away."

Maraj attorney David Schwartz, according to reports, said the girl's mother, Jacqueline Robinson, told their children to lie to extort $25 million from Maraj's famous sister.


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