The Comedian Starts #BowWowChallenge With Shad Moss Same

HipHop News Posted on May 15, 2017 at 2:26am

The Comedian Starts #BowWowChallenge With Shad Moss Same

Jess is Hilarious, ladies and gentlemen.

Atlanta, GA – The internet is filled with laughter in the past few days in Bow Wow charge after he was subjected to the ink another prodigal Instagram moment.

While in Atlanta, the comedian Jess Hilarious just "happened" to bump into the title, the seizure of the rap star and proceeded to pull out a #BowWowChallenge of their own.

As she ran up to Shad Moss and his entourage, the self-proclaimed "Princess of Comedy" conveyed the good news that she had breached the million-follower mark on Instagram, only to be met with an incredulous look on Mr. Wow's face who, in turn, asked his gang, "did I smash?"

After walking out, the Arc can be heard saying "get the jet," which gets an animated response from Jess Hilarious. Yes, you guessed it, people. It is a scene time, but still sheds light on the fact that the young veteran of the war has not immersed (too much) about being on Twitter at the boxing bag.

While in the City of New York to promote their Growth, To Hip Hop: Atlanta "reality show", said the cast of Ebro in the Morning that there was a "scientific method" to the madness, despite the fact that he didn't exactly provide the law of Boyle of Instagram flexing within the interview.

As for Jess is Hilarious, his millions of social media following is a direct reflection of his bubbling popularity. Recently joined the cast of Nick Cannon's long-lasting comedy show, Wild 'N Out.

Why I have been sooo busy.... New videos soon ❀ #WNO #SEASON9 πŸ‘ŒπŸ½(@kehlani @daveeast @lilyachty @nevschulman @djdwrek)

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