The Cool Kids Talk About the calendar Of Meeting And Kanye West's Cultural "web of spider"

HipHop News Posted on December 9, 2016 at 11:00pm

The Cool Kids Talk About the calendar Of Meeting And Kanye West's Cultural "web of spider"

Exclusive: Sir Michael Rocks & Chuck Inglish to explain how this was the perfect time for a meeting, and why Lil Yachty became famous.

When the news broke that Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish were gathering under The Cool Kids moniker after a long pause, dedicated to the fans of the Chicago-based, the duo launched a collective sigh of relief. After all, Mikey said once that The Cool Kids were "never" going to return it, but it seems that he had a change of heart and have finally begun to make new music together.

From The Cool Kids' debut EP, 2008's The bake Sale, the two masterminds behind the project have suffered through the record label problems and a consequent breakdown, but that now seem as solid as always. So, what has changed?

"We wanted to give you a bit of space to go and kind of grow as an artists, instead of just as a group," Mikey explains in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "From the beginning, when you are connected at the hip for a couple of years, one kind of fall into a groove of working as a duo for everything, and there is a time when you really need to go and venture out on your own to work on yourself a little more and acquire new skills that I didn't have before.

"Finally, we wanted to make a thing where it's not just like, 'Oh Cool Kids are making a new album,'" he continues. "We're always together, if it is about something that the media-based communication, clothing, film, whatever. We're bouncing stuff of each other and of making decisions as a group even when we are not rap together. There seemed to us to build that mystique, so that you couldn't block us for that. Not only that is what we will do forever. We are building a lot of other avenues that make perfect sense as soon as you can make it known. We wanted to make it so that we can branch out in different media in order to be respected not only because we are rapping. We wanted to be important figures in those realms. Sometimes you have to flip to make that happen. The time was best to come back as a group that is already two years ago or three years ago. That was not a good time."



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