The logic Explains Why He did Not disrespect Joyner Lucas In "Disgust"

HipHop News Posted on March 27, 2018 at 7:28am

The logic Explains Why He did Not disrespect Joyner Lucas In "Disgust"

"If it was a diss song, I'd say to someone's name."

The Fans who believed that the Logical thing to do was to disrespect Joyner Lucas, Bobby Tarantino II cut of "Disgust" are wrong, according to the man himself. In a new interview with Hard Knock TV, the same Logic explains why he did not use a diss track to address any problem with another person.

"I'm a man," he said. "If I really feel some type of way, I'm not even gonna say his name in a song or on the internet. I'm going to fucking call you. As if I'm really annoying, I'm going to call you. But it is as if you are speaking, that is. Everything is very good. I don't give a shit. For me, it just is not important. It is not worth. I'm happy and I'm not going to live in the life".

Many listeners assumed the song's lyrics were directed at Luke, who has been publicly instigate aside the rivalry between the two. The creator of the viral single "I'm Not a Racist" has thrown jabs at the Logic of a couple of songs and he accused the Billboard-topping rapper to steal their ideas. The logic takes aim at his critics of "Disgust," which led to speculation that it is Luke.

"Talkin' shit 'bout Logic, I never answer/ I'm going to stop talking about success, because it's a word of advice/ More achievements for you and less talk/ the Cats of beef with the Logic, yeah, they prayin' I can answer/ If I ever did, I died in this game without respawn/ Peace, love, and positivity that is all that I want with you, But you insist on the issue because it will give me more press than his publicist could ever get you," he raps.

But the Logic says assumptions made about the lyrics of the song is addressed to a person who is wrong.

"I'm so fucking positive", he continued. "But this was just a fun opportunity to every journalist, every fucking rapper, all of this, each that, in my entire career that has said something about me, I'm like I wish you the best. I don't know if this comes from envy or jealousy or internal hatred or whatever, but here is this mirror ..


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