The rapper Knocked out By DaBaby Challenges All the SCMG TO A street Fight

HipHop News Posted on May 23, 2020 at 7:01am

The rapper Knocked out By DaBaby Challenges All the SCMG TO A street Fight

A year after the Instagram fight that was heard around the world, there is someone that wants a rematch.

Almost a year after being knocked out by DaBaby in North Carolina mall, the rapper Cam Coldheart wants a rematch with the "BOP" hitmaker.

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"A year later, I want to make this known – from then until now, nobody knows me, I was 10, that I reject any of these niggas," Coldheart says in an Instagram video shared on Friday (May 22). "The cause of none of you want to fight!"

"Without weapons, fight! Y'all niggas know you can't be with me. That's why you had to set me, hire security, and to put the monster behind you to jump on me," he continued. "None of these niggas can see me. I am the true gorilla around this mothafucka. Here goes my challenge on the line, nigga! Any of them niggas, fight me! Blac Zacc black ass down there, you said my name in a song. One of Dread, any of you come see me, black. Fight, though! None of you bitch niggas come from that, though, real silverback shit. You can record, but you gon' get his ass beat to come to fight against me."

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Big #Camcoldheart been training for almost a year since his KO vs #dababy . Now he wants his revenge. He said he called a couple of stragglers tryna play wit your name during the year, and gave them a contagious case of the da BEATS. You think that should b a rematch wit the gloves for ch


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