T.I. Addresses His Late Friend Peeing On Drake: 'The Wildest Shit I've Ever Seen Before'

HipHop News Posted on October 24, 2020 at 5:04am

T.I. Addresses His Late Friend Peeing On Drake: 'The Wildest Shit I've Ever Seen Before'

Tip's 'The L.I.B.R.A.' is out now featuring John Legend, Young Thug, Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, Benny The Butcher and more.

T.I. reportedly drew the ire of Drake for referencing an embarassing incident from 2015 on his new track “We Did It Big” off The L.I.B.R.A. album. However, Tip says the moment wasn’t meant to be a diss aimed at the 6 God, as he was simply reflecting on his late friend Terrance “Cap” Beasley.

The ATL native rapped, “While I’m fightin’ my own, somehow got you home/So drunk in LA, end up pissin’ on Drake, shit/Fuck it, that’s still my brother.”.centered-ad {

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In a recent sit down with Ebro Darden for Apple Music, the ‘King of the South’ once more reminded fans it wasn’t a diss towards Drake in any matter, even if he was confirming a moment when a drunken Beasley urinated on Drake at a movie theater.

“I shut all that shit down,” T.I. said around the 7-minute mark. “I didn’t wanna be part of something that was a harmless incident … I didn’t want it to be weaponized against anybody … I was pissed off at my partner when it happened … The wildest shit I’ve ever seen before in my fucking life. You know what I’m saying? But that shit, I ain’t had no malicious intent.”

He added, “I just don’t see how it could ever be taken as a diss. I don’t see how that could be. That would be someone allowing their emotions to manipulate them, if so.”

The moment in question originally made headlines during Drake’


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