Travis Scott Reacts To Grammy Nomination Snub

HipHop News Posted on December 7, 2016 at 3:28am

Travis Scott Reacts To Grammy Nomination Snub

The rapper from Houston said in a Instagram post that he was "hurt" by the news.

Travis Scott's second studio album, the Birds In The Trap of Singing McKnight, was received with critical acclaim and commercial success and serves as a solid follow-up to his debut in the Rodeo. But Scott's musical accomplishments were not recognized by the Grammy Awards, which leads him to react to the snub.

The Grammy Awards nominations arrived Tuesday (6 December) with some of the expected big names of Hip Hop and R&B, although it was generally expected that Scott's work behind the boards and on the front-end would have garnered some notice of Grammy voters.

While Scott himself had no messages from their personal accounts about the flat, Sickamore, the Vice president of A&R and Creative Director of EPIC Records, released a photo of Scott via Instagram, and Scott later reacted.

the reading of the nominations for the grammy awards as....

A photo posted by sickamore (@sickamore) on December 6, 2016, at 10:06am PST

Scott stepped through the comments of the writing of a somewhat enigmatic "So hurt man" in the middle of the supporters and fans that they wanted their hero to get the nod. If it was seriously emotional, or just having a little fun playing along with the one in the picture is the reader.

BITTSM collaborator Mike Dean also went to bat for the album on Twitter, saying that the Grammys are out of touch with "what's really popping."

No birds nominations. Grammys. Type to what is in fashion and what the kids love. We need a Grammy to what they actually do blow up @trvisXX

— MIKE DEAN! #MWA (@therealmikedean) December 6, 2016

Scott was not the only glaring omission according to some fans. Many thought that Rihanna ANTI deserved to be in the race for Album of the Year, and his biggest hit of "Work" should be for the Song of the Year. Even so, he managed to score eight nominations in other categories.


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