Trick Daddy Lose His "Fookie Bookie Ass" Haters

HipHop News Posted on August 14, 2018 at 4:55am

Trick Daddy Lose His "Fookie Bookie Ass" Haters

Fuck dat shit.

Trick Daddy has unleashed his wrath in a new Instagram video directed at their "fookie bookie ass" haters. On Tuesday (August 14), the Love & Hip Hop: Miami star shared a clip with his almost 484,000 followers of the blowing up of the trolls who comment on their posts.

"Let me get this right," he begins. "Bitch ass niggas wake up early in the morning and have nothing better to do with your life but to get to my post and commenting all this negative shit? Can I put an image for Love & Hip Hop: Miami Season 2, and this fat fuck of a comment, "Is still livin', why have it in everything that you do?' Nigga, your ugly ass mommy has on all that make up black.

"Fuck nigga. Your cock sucking ass sister has all that make up to the pussy. You golf course, green ass fookie bookie nigga. That fat shit niggas get slapped. I suck yo' tity fuck the ass I boy. And all you bitches that do all of the graphics, leave comments and trying to advertise on all my shit. Cut the check, bitch!"


A post shared by Trick Daddy Dollars (@trickdaddydollars) August 14, 2018, at 6:34am PDT

Trick Daddy routinely posts videos to his Instagram account to express their opinions on almost anything and everything.

The past month of July, directs his fury at Meek Mill, a random woman on Facebook live and male rompers.

In another Instagram video posted last May, the Trick told him that he needed a gun to "kill all the niggas that use them mothafuckin' rompers."

Fortunately, the trend was short-lived.

Looking For Help .: Active shooter need .. #NoManKinniesOrRumpers

A post shared by Trick Daddy Dollars (@trickdaddydollars) May 18, 2017, 9:12 am PDT


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