Twitter Credits Karma For Migos Allegedly Jump XXXTENTACION

HipHop News Posted on November 13, 2017 at 1:22pm

Twitter Credits Karma For Migos Allegedly Jump XXXTENTACION

This is not't X's first rodeo.

Los Angeles, CA – Following XXXTENTACION the claim that Migos jumped him in Los Angeles on Monday (November 13), Twitter went crazy with reactions ranging from shock to celebration.

The County of Broward, Florida native went on a profanity laced rant in Instagram Stories after the altercation. "Fuck Quavo, Fuck, Offset, Fuck that pussy black, what is your name? The take-off? Fuck The Take-Off. Fuck all of you pussy ass niggas", he said.

Sooooo Migos just jumped X 😂😑

— Cam Jones (@Cam__jones99) November 14, 2017

Several Twitter users referred to the controversial rapper's current domestic violence case, which goes to trial on the 6th of December in Florida, and encouraged to Migos for (supposedly) does all the work.

X is being accused of the violent beating his pregnant ex-girlfriend and faces four counts of aggravated assault. of a pregnant woman, domestic violence by strangulation, false imprisonment and witness tampering in connection with the allegations.

do people really care that Migos jumped that xxxtentacion guy? he hit a woman in a way, Migos are the heroes. it should jump to Chris Brown too, now that I think of it

— grouch (@guynamedgarrett) November 14, 2017

Another reason to love @Migos : the leap of rappers that beat women (chris brown, xxtentacion). Gentlemen and scholars.

— Axel (@aplayner) November 14, 2017

really people on twitter are defending x because of migos jumped him I don't support a women abuser and a person said to the police brutality has nothing to do with the color of the skin, so gn

— hungry idiot dom (@sighdomi) November 14, 2017

the migos jumped X and I just want to say.... migos and you doing great loves

— RicFlairDripGoWooOnnaBitch (@LilBackwoodsMo) November 14, 2017

Other Twitter users showed their support for X, by calling Migos of what they saw as a cowardly act.

Fuck those pussies @Migos and y


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