Twitter Loves And Hates Eminem's "Revival" of Leaks

HipHop News Posted on December 13, 2017 at 7:58am

Twitter Loves And Hates Eminem's "Revival" of Leaks

This was the "Revival" that we were waiting for?

Eminem is the ninth studio album, Rebirth, has leaked two days ahead of schedule, and Twitter already has a large amount of reviews pouring in about the new initiative. From comments like "it's fucking lit" is "fucking wrong," the reactions to the project have been very disparate.

Lead singles "Walk On Water" with Beyoncé and "Untouchable", given similar answers. As Slim Shady discussed in a recent episode of Rick Rubin, the podcast Broken Record, "Walk On Water" addresses the immense pressure of the Em it feels like to deliver perfection every time he opens his mouth.

"It is the curse of the rule/ That the first of the Mathers disc set/ Always in search of the verses that I have not spit out yet/ Is this step just another step in false/ To tarnish what the legacy, the love or the respect I have earned?/ The rhyme has to be perfect, the delivery impeccable," he spits on the aforementioned "Walk On the Water."

Judging by the initial response, Em is still navigating some choppy waters and to the fans for them to walk with him or to abandon ship completely.

The revival is scheduled for a Friday (15 December) of the arrival.

Take a look at some of the reactions below.

I'm finally now seeing the "trend" to hate everything #Eminem. Honestly so many people are leaving crowd mentality of shit up to his potenital taste of the album. Its so sad.The album is fucking flames idgaf 🔥#Eminem #REVIVAL leak

— Legen (@Threalone1) December 13, 2017

I heard the Revival of the leak and its amazing.

— JOSH RUSS☰LL (@realjoshrussell) December 13, 2017

Being broke is a bad excuse #Believe #Eminem #Revival

— Heres A Leak (@HeresTheLeak) December 13, 2017

If you can't tell, I'm listening to the leak of Eminem's new Renaissance. This album is BAD.



— Trey (@TreyArline) December 13, 2017

This new album of eminem "Revival" is fucking lit. (Yes, I bought the album), but I


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