Twitter Mocks Madonna Aretha Franklin "Tribute" During 2018 MTV video music awards

HipHop News Posted on August 20, 2018 at 4:26pm

Twitter Mocks Madonna Aretha Franklin "Tribute" During 2018 MTV video music awards


Twitter – During the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night (August 20), Madonna took the stage to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin.

But, instead of talking about the last Queen of the Soul of the story, Madge went on for approximately 10 minutes telling his own rags to riches story.

Dress in Malawi attire and adorned with jewels African, pop superstar recalled that the New York City origins, and living in a crackhouse.

Of course, Twitter exploded with the seemingly endless messages about the "tribute", calling the Material Girl for what was perceived as D-is-R-Es-P-E-C-T.

Check out the reactions of The Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish, Thelonious Martin and more below.

This was Aretha or not ?

— CHUCK (@Chuckisdope) August 21, 2018

Not lack of respect to an ICON like that. This is a jovial kiki about Madonna breaks the ass trip. You honor a legend in telling your story or shut up. The AUDACITY.

— Nina Parker (@MzGossipGirl) August 21, 2018

What a Virgin pussy that I have to do with Aretha?

— Thelonious Martin™ (@KingThelonious) August 21, 2018

Madonna talking about the guitar lessons, Paris, baguettes, and your ass hanging out while looking for a stylus with the image of Aretha Franklin behind it is all that I expected from the #VMAs

— Kingsley (@kingsleyyy) August 21, 2018

Madonna ruined the Prince Tribute at the Billboard Awards in the year 2016.

Madonna ruined the Aretha Tribute at the #VMAs in 2018.

I never want to see it again. Never.

— April (@ReignOfApril) August 21, 2018

Who in the #VMAs let Madonna get up on stage and give a tribute to @ArethaFranklin or whatever that was should really be out of a job right

— Alicia Garza (@aliciagarza) August 21, 2018

A tribute to Aretha on Madonna #VMAs

— K (@lilmonster_92) August 21, 2018

Madonna:Aretha music insp


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