U-God: "I Am The Wu-Tang Member That People don't Know About"

HipHop News Posted on March 14, 2018 at 2:41am

U-God: "I Am The Wu-Tang Member That People don't Know About"

#DXCLUSIVE: The holder MC also reveals Scotty Wotty was Wu-Tang's Yoda and confesses that he's never heard "once Upon a Time In Shaolin."

While the strength of numbers proved to be the key to Wu-Tang Clan's success and enduring legacy, it has also proven to be a system that lacked the same distribution. While some of the Clans biggest names broke and launched a massive solo careers, others had to wait in line. U-God — also known as Golden Arms — was one of the members that played in the background.

"I am the Wu-Tang member that the people do not know anything," he told HipHopDX.

The founding member of Wu-Tang is hoping to change that with her new book, Raw: My Journey In the Wu-Tang, which follows him from the age of five to 26.

"This book tells you who I am, and what I went through it," he says. "All about the same God ... the legend behind the legend."

As he explains, he had told many of these stories over the years and felt that it was time to compile them for the world to enjoy finally.

"I would like to tell these stories all the time ... my boss was like, 'Yo man, it is time for us to give.' So around two and a half years ago, I started to put the pen on the paper and that was all. Became the next conquest — along with my album."

Seemingly out of the scene, Golden Arms notes that he filled his plate to the point it was overflowing, to enclose his mixtape Bring Back God II in tandem with the memory, and his new album Venom.

"[It was] a lot of work, a lot of thought process," he said. "I lost most of my friends, my family is angry with me, you know, stuff like that, man. So I just went all out."

The poison, which is U-God's fifth studio album, and is committed to deliver par excellence that Wu sound. Along with the production of the likes of Lord Finesse, Green Lantern, and Large Professor, there are appearances from his Wu brothers Method Man, Inspectah Deck, and Raekwon. A feature that stands out, despite the fact that Scotty Wotty. The dark MC seemed to come out of nowhere with two roles in the 2009 U-God LP Dopium but its roots in the Cla


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