Vic Mensa Defends Kanye West's Lyrical Skills

HipHop News Posted on September 12, 2017 at 10:57am

Vic Mensa Defends Kanye West's Lyrical Skills

"Kanye is the most important part of the writing of a Kanye song."

New York, NY – Kanye West documented use of ghostwriters that has often been the focal point of criticism when speaking about his skills as a rapper, but Vic Mensa sees it differently.

During an interview on Hot 97's Real Late With Peter Rosenberg, the well-known MC defended Yeezy's lyrical dexterity, detailing their own experience of Ye skills.

The defense was sparked by a discussion about the creative process behind West's albums. Mensa describes the scene of a typical study session, which involved several people improvising and throwing lines with a microphone in the center of the actual room. But after detailing how West acts as a conductor in the midst of all this, Mensa wanted to make sure that he was not giving the critics more food for the fodder.

"Sometimes, as they do, people try to use that and maybe the attack of his lyrical skills," he said at around 14 minutes. "You know, they say that Kanye has ghostwriters and all of this. And I just want to set the record straight . You know, and that's just the truth. The things that happens when no one puts the lines are the dopest."

The interview also delves into Mensa relationship with the Possibility of the Rapper, the disappearance of Children in These Days, activism, and much more.

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