Vic Mensa Remembers the Careers of Puff Daddy's Down with The Rap Mogul the Corridors of

HipHop News Posted on April 10, 2016 at 7:00am

Vic Mensa Remembers the Careers of Puff Daddy's Down with The Rap Mogul the Corridors of

Vic Mensa remembers the pairing with Jay Z on Nirvana and said that her next album will be called to action against the injustices.

Vic Mensa is preparing the release of their debut album, three years after the 2013 release of his breaking mixtape, Innanetape. The rapper of Chicago has released a variety of singles in the mean time, including "Down On My Luck" and the Kanye West-assisted "U Mad."

On the LP, which is the title of Traffic, Mensa, said in an interview with the Clash that he is ready to call a revolution against the injustices in the united States. The song "Ring The Bell" is scheduled to be a tribute to the victims of police brutality.

"Laquan McDonald shooting of 16 times on the street in Chicago, that had Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Sandra Sosa, Tamir Rice," he says. "'Ring The Bell" is a call to action. Look, what the fuck is going on around us. We're not going to conquer that shit with complacency; there is the possibility of a revolution without a fucking fight. It is not just a march, it is not a hashtag, it is a global revolution that must take place in the streets, in our minds and in our communication."

Other topics discussed in the Traffic, which apparently does not have any of the features, are its breakup from his girlfriend of four years, and reflections on love. The production will come from Mensa, Illangelo, Mike Dean and John Hill and Dave considered to be in TV On The Radio.

"I think that all that can conquer many ills of our world, is the love," he says. "Regardless of race, religion, creed, age, class, social restrictions, people who have a genuine love for others, and a willingness to understand the others."

The 22-year-old signed with Jay Z, Roc Nation in April of last year. He says that the two united by an appreciation of Nirvana after Mensa played Hov's a song that says That "contagious" in the chorus, and the Rap mogul thought of the Rock group "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

"I have a Nirvana tattoo on my arm," Mensa says. "It was my birthday that day and I went back to where I was staying in New York, and my girlfriend h


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