Vinnie Paz has to Offer "As Above, So Below" LP

HipHop News Posted on February 13, 2020 at 2:04pm

Vinnie Paz has to Offer "As Above, So Below" LP

The Jedi Mind Tricks frontman's fifth solo album.

Jedi Mind Tricks frontman Vinnie Paz has released his fifth solo album As Above, So Below".

The veteran MC's new project features 18 tracks. The guests include a Great Air of Cannibal Ox, Estee Nack, Queen Herawin of The Juggaknots, Block McCloud and Demoz, among others. focused on the ad {

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View Vinnie's As Above, So Below torrent, the cover art and the tracklist below.

1. Wave of crimes Tehran f. Chinaski Black

2. Scorched earth f. Estee Nack & Jay Royale

3. I Am the Chaos

4. Mabuhay Gardens f. Block McCloud

5. The Conjuring

6. The Black Hand f. Demoz

7. Mock up on Mu

8. Bracelets of ankle f. Queen Herawin

9. The Compleat Witch f. Nowaah Of The Flood

10. Hannibal

11. Sicilian Bull

12. Zero Fear

13. Spilled Milk f. Eamon

14. Vahid Moradi f. Rigz

15. I'm going to Buy All the Uranium you Have f. Block McCloud

16. Doomsday Machine f. Great Air & D


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