Wannabe Rapper Steals To Wingstop To Get Rick Ross's Attention

HipHop News Posted on January 11, 2018 at 3:28am

Wannabe Rapper Steals To Wingstop To Get Rick Ross's Attention

This was just a terrible idea.

Memphis, TN – how far would you go for a record contract? While some up and coming rappers are based on Boonk Gang-esque antics of car and free to get noticed, one 23-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee hope took a more desperate approach.

Last week, two suspects tried to hold up a Midtown location of Wingstop, a chain owned by notorious MMG head honcho, Rick Ross. As reported by News Channel 3 in Memphis, one of the suspects Cedric Miller — that seemed clear as the day without a mask in the surveillance video — was supposedly trying to get the Yung Rénzél attention.

"That is a ridiculous way to get the attention of someone. How are you going to get your attention after being in jail?" Cameron Blaine, a Wingstop pattern, told News Channel 3. "I don't know if he is going to put in the signature, if that is the case," said the Huron Wilson, another patron, "I doubt it".

The two aspiring criminals left the restaurant with empty hands and to make matters worse, all the news seem to have left out any link or mention of your music, so that no one — not even Ross — you can hear it, even if they wanted to.

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