Why Smokepurpp Removed Kanye West Song 'No Problem' His Album

HipHop News Posted on January 9, 2020 at 5:52am

Why Smokepurpp Removed Kanye West Song 'No Problem' His Album

Hollywood – In December, Smokepurpp revealed to Adam22 of Any Bridge, which he wrote in collaboration with Kanye West and Lil of the Pump 2018 of the track "I Love It" and that he and You also had another song hidden that it was never coming out.

This week, a leak of the song, titled "No Problem," makes its rounds through the internet. One of the problems with that, in addition to being a leak, is the song is full of swear words and the West has since denounced the use of such language..centered-ad {

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"No Problem," goes against everything that Kanye has been preaching, which is the reason why the Smokepurpp chose to ax the song of your album, Deadstar 2.

"He didn't tell me that, I just knew," Smokepurpp explained. "He would just change his ways, or whatever. Mike Dean mixed the entire album, he executive produced the entire album. So you practically just said to me that he is not really the cursing and shit. He is not really the performance of their old songs, he made 'Jesus Walks.' If he does his old songs, he changes the lyrics.

Mike Dean told me in the beginning...that was going to be more difficult that it cleared up because it's not the curse is no more. I was like fuck


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