Wyclef Jean Breaks Down His Biggest Records & Reveals How "The Score" Was Almost Shelved

HipHop News Posted on August 31, 2017 at 2:06am

Wyclef Jean Breaks Down His Biggest Records & Reveals How "The Score" Was Almost Shelved

DXclusive: "[Enya is] so gangsta — she live in a castle. You can’t get more gangsta than that."

DXHQ – In the 21 years since the release of The Fugees’ The Score, Wyclef Jean’s star has only grown. From writing some of the biggest hits in contemporary music history to carving out his own lane with solo projects, Wyclef’s body of work is legendary.

The versatile musician recently stopped by DXHQ to politic with the #DXLive crew about some of his biggest hits in between putting on a live concert for the staff and viewers.

On Writing Carlos Santana’s “Maria, Maria”

“Coming in the game as a Fugee, after The Score [and] Carnival, my strength really is writing songs,” Wyclef explained. “The first time I knew I had to write my songs in the industry was after “Killing Them Softly” because it just blew off the roof and I’m like, ‘Who’s getting the publishing? Well, you’re not, you didn’t write it.’ We done made someone like $30 million. So I love writing. If you’ve seen the movie Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, that was the first movie I scored.

“I got a call from Clive Davis like, ‘Yo I need you to do this record with Santana.’ Carlos Santana will tell you that the first time I met him I wrote the groove [for ‘Maria, Maria’] on a keyboard. Clive Davis was giving me a call because I think we was just coming off [writing] Whitney Houston’s ‘My Love Is Your Love.’ [He was] like, ‘Yo, Santana needs a joint.’

“Santana is one of the greatest guitar players. So I get to see Santana and the whole record is ‘Maria, Maria.’ The reason I call the record ‘Maria, Maria’ [is because] there was an old play back in the days I used to be obsessed with called West Side Story where it was like two gangs and then the main girl was Maria. That whole love triangle story is two gangs and the only way peace happens is through Maria. So that’s how the whole West Side Story came about and I know Carlos is a bad ass. He’s a rebel. This the kind of stuff he would want to talk abo


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