XXXTENTACION of the Alleged Abuse Detailed In the Ex-Girlfriend's Testimony

HipHop News Posted on September 8, 2017 at 3:19am

XXXTENTACION of the Alleged Abuse Detailed In the Ex-Girlfriend's Testimony

X threatened to cut the victim's tongue after you sing along to a verse of another artist.

Almost a year after the Florida rapper XXXTENTACION allegedly assaulted his pregnant girlfriend, Pitchfork has obtained a 142-page transcript of the testimony of the alleged victim.

The woman of two-and-one-half hours of testimony he gave in January, details a series of disturbing physical encounters with the Broward County rapper.

The two reportedly met online and later linked into a cinema room. From there, X was invited to a party and expressed his interest in the woman. He quickly suggested that they move together.

About two weeks after moving in with X, " says the alleged physical abuse began.

After that she congratulated a male friend in your jewelry, X gave him a slap in the face and broke the iPhone. That same day, he approached the woman with a barbecue pitchfork and bbq cleaner, and asked her to choose between the two, because he is going to insert one of them into your vagina. She was never penetrated with any of the tools.

The woman also claimed that while they were living together in Orlando, Florida, X threatened to kill her almost every day.

One of the most disturbing acts of violence that happened after X according to the reports, listened to the victim's humming along to a featured artist in one of his songs. As a result, he the head thickness of the of her, punched her, stomped on her and put her in the bath, where he continued to physically assault the woman.

"I also wanted to cut my tongue, because I was singing the song," the alleged victim said in his testimony.

In August of 2016, X was arrested in a separate case. During this time, the woman moved with some of X's friends and ended up having sex with another man.

A month later, X was released and put it back together. The woman learned that she was pregnant with X the child, who apparently had planned. But while you confront her about the person she had cheated with him, X threatened to kill her and her unborn child.

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