YBN Cordae Challenges J. Cole "1985" Critical "Old Niggas"

HipHop News Posted on May 16, 2018 at 9:37am

YBN Cordae Challenges J. Cole "1985" Critical "Old Niggas"

"I understand both sides, let me break it down by half."

J. Cole famously called Hip Hop the new generation in their KOD-cut "of 1985." While many of the members of the new class have made a mockery of Cole song, YBN Cordae has decided to respond to the criticism with a new song called "Old Niggas."

Despite the fact that one might expect of a derived tone due to the title, Cordae is actually destined to save the rap of the generational gap. As it says in the song, "I understand both sides, let me break it down by half."

In the "Old Niggas," Cordae reminds critics that Hip Hop was once considered nothing more than a whim before it became the dominant genre in the music. He also mentions how their idols have failed him, by making reference to Kanye West to be a Donald Trump supporter and the litany of people facing sexual assault charges.

Cordae is not antagonistic to the Cole of the words of spite. He recognizes Hip-Hop needs balance, and advocates around the world to find a common ground. But in his mind, the place of the less lyrically inclined artists is something that has tangible benefits.

"So I have to drop music in order to accumulate some funds/And I'm going to get, that is the mentality that is killing the rhyme fest/But the power of our families, the reduction of crime still/That we want to separate and make a contest/Rapping to stay out of the streets, it should not matter that/Stay out of prison, and we are saying fuck the system, man/Rap is an outlet to go to our dividends/, Instead of being robbing niggas, selling Ritalin", raps.

As Cordae concludes, "Cardi B became rich from Love & Hip Hop".

See his "Old Niggas" video above and check out their takes on Eminem's "My Name Is" below.


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