Zaytoven speaks of His Faith, Gucci Mane, "Trap Holizay" LP and a Joint Album With Lecrae

HipHop News Posted on April 25, 2018 at 12:00am

Zaytoven speaks of His Faith, Gucci Mane, "Trap Holizay" LP and a Joint Album With Lecrae

#DXCLUSIVE: Ziggy never expected'd became the architect of the trap music.

Often considered the architect of the music of the sound trap, Atlanta producer Zaytoven recently teamed up with Red Bull Music to The Note. The documentary series takes a dive in the life of Zay and explores her relationship with the music of the trap, as well as his devotion to his faith.

HipHopDX was able to catch up with Ziggy before a special screening of his documentary in Los Angeles, where we talked about the duality of the church and the secular music and the massive amount of music he has coming out this year.

"That's where everything begins and that is where you gon' end," Zaytoven says about his religious faith. "I'm still a church musician, so even though I'm going on the weekends, I can still fly back to Atlanta on Sunday because I play the organ in the church. That is definitely a big part of my life. I never knew that was gon' be a great producer. I never thought about it. It was never my dream or anything like that. I believe that I am successful because I take the time to put God in the first place. I really feel like my success comes from that."

When you look back at his first foray into Hip-Hop, Zaytoven admits that he was concerned by the disconnect between their church's life and the contents of the trap music.

"When I started, I was almost ashamed to say that I was doing rap music for the content and what you are talking about," he reveals. "I remember that the pastor of the church, I play in this is that when I did Gucci Mane Hard to Kill — he stood on the pulpit and took out the CD and actually gave me a shout. I was embarrassed like, " Damn why would he do that?' But he was the one who let me know that he did not feel any conflict and there was nothing to be ashamed of".

Zaytoven uses his faith to have direct and indirect effects on those who worked with him.

"I, [I think] the reason why I am in the position that I am in is to be influentia


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