4 Ideas Of Chief Keef's "The Therapist" Interview

HipHop News Posted on August 9, 2017 at 5:41am

4 Ideas Of Chief Keef's "The Therapist" Interview

The Chi-Town rapper in the last instance "cremates" negativity.

Chi-Town rapper Chief Keef sat down with renowned therapist Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh for an episode of VICELAND The Therapist. Although the 21-year-old artist remained relatively reserved during the entire session, he did offer a couple of ideas in your life. Keef, who has been marred with controversy in the past, touched on his troubled background and, apparently, was open about the need for a more gentle future.

Below are four things we've learned about Keef from Tuesday (August 8) episode.

He does not Receive Enough Attention As A Child

Despite a close relationship with his mother and his grandmother, Keef fessed up to not receive enough attention during their childhood. He was found with that particular question after discussing her daily encounters with the police during his time in Chicago. He did touch on his relationship with his grandmother and told her that he lived with her at one point, and still communicates with her almost daily.

"We have always been very close," he said. "I speak to her as my friend every day. I assure you that I, at least, the text of your ... Try to keep me on the right path at all times. Make sure that what I'm doing well."

He Laughs Through The Pain

As Keef rattled of the names of the people who have lost to the violence, which includes his cousin and brother, asked how you express your feelings. In response to the question, Keef revealed, "He wants me to me to laugh of this ... He wants me to laugh. He wants me to go ahead and smile."

Later, he explained that his signature pendant was made in honor of his cousin Big Glo, was murdered in a 2014 shooting in the Englewood area of Chicago. That particular neighborhood seems to be one of the most dangerous in the country.

@chieffkeeffsossa open about his problems with the law, his grandmother and his desire to change THE THERAPIST Tuesday 10:30p

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