50% Of Claims Eminem Left Side "Relapse 2" Due To The Critical

HipHop News Posted on January 18, 2018 at 8:52am

50% Of Claims Eminem Left Side "Relapse 2" Due To The Critical

"If he doesn't like the answer, he can change."

Los Angeles, CA – after Eminem released a single called "don't give A Fuck," however, that motto apparently does not apply to the critics. In a new interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood, 50 Cent said that the criticisms of Slim Shady's 2009 album Relapse prompted Eminem to leave of side the recording of a sequel.

"To the critics ... criticisms about the music, in fact, affects him because I'm going to stick to him," 50 said. "He's been focused entirely on [the music] all the time. You know what I'm saying? He did not take a day of rest.

"So you look at it and go, creatively, what he decide to put ... Like, we had a whole album when he did Relapse. He doesn't like the answer, so that he didn't even put all the Relapse 2 that we've already done. So it's as if he doesn't like the answer, he can change."

#50Cent says #Eminem is so focused on what the critics say, that he never released 'Relapse 2' even after it was already recorded. THOUGHTS? 🤔 Should Em drop #Relapse2 or not?

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The relapse, like Eminem's latest album Revival, it received mixed reviews. Slim Shady has not been shy about firing back at the critics, but the 50 felt the need to come to his defense. The G-Unit head believes new artists have a lack of respect for Eminem.

"I never heard anything new R&B singer come out and say that the Prince was not hot," he said. "Now, the new guys should pay homage to the Em ... because he is a big part of why we've grown so fast as we have grown."

Check out the clip of 50 reflections on Eminem up and watch the full interview below.


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