600 Breezy Endorses Murderers Accused Of FBG Duck Amid Deadly Chicago RICH Report

HipHop News Posted on November 30, 2021 at 5:16pm

600 Breezy Endorses Murderers Accused Of FBG Duck Amid Deadly Chicago RICH Report

600Breezy doesn't think that the 5 men are innocent and didn't kill FBG Duck in broad daylight in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood.

It's clear as day that 600Breezy and FBG Duck weren't best friends. When FBG was killed in August 2020, Breezy dropped a diss track that he recorded before the killing titled "Stop Playin" that took numerous shots at the late rapper. Now, Breezy is standing against his old enemy again.

In the last segment of his interview with DJ Vlad, 600Breezy spoke about the alleged killers snatched by the police and were charged with murder in aid of organized crime, federal firearms violations and assaults in aid of organized crime in the case last month. According to Breezy, he thinks men are all innocent.

"Personally, we like this, you know, O' Block and 600, " Breezy said, crossing his fingers. "I feel they are innocent. I feel like the police had to set an example to the people where it happened in Chicago. It's like he was killed in Times Square in New York. I feel like time was running, and they were thinking, ' We have to do something.'”

He continued, " They only did what they did because they would have been locked up n-ggas. That shit was over a year ago. It wouldn't have taken so long to find out if they have what they say they have. That wouldn't have taken them that long. I feel like they just hit them on the wrist and try to make it look like 'yes, we're trying to help stop the violence or help solve this case', but I feel like they guys innocent man.”

FBG Duck was killed in a rain of gunfire in broad daylight in Chicago's affluent Gold Coast neighborhood in August 2020. The murder shook the community as something so violent never happened in the area. The killers were charged after the city of Chicago has been plagued with murders and incidents linked to organized crime cases.

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