Action Bronson "Blue Chips 7000" Release Date And Goes Grindhouse For Its New Video

HipHop News Posted on July 27, 2017 at 1:50am

Action Bronson "Blue Chips 7000" Release Date And Goes Grindhouse For Its New Video

The return of Bronson's blond-wigged action hero.

Action Bronson blond-wigged action hero is back.

For their new video for "The President Intended," Bronson reloads with the director Ric Cordero, who also directed the visuals for the 2012 "The Symbol", where Bronson's protagonist previously gunned down enemies and slow-mo of the frog, decorated with a game of poker.

The new video returns to the schlocky '70s grindhouse aesthetic, full of VHS tapes static, explosions, and delta wing.

The two collaborators seem to have the intention to convert the videos into a full-blown series.

"The WORK of art. THIS WILL be A SERIES FOR you ON THE BIG SCREEN," Bronson wrote in the Instagram caption of a video clip. Lamb echoed the sentiment, writing, "Mark my words, we're turning this into a series" in your own post.

Mark my words, we're turning this into a series. Nothing but classics here with my brother and co-creator @bambambaklava Stay tuned for the full video soon! QUEENS does it again! Music by @harryfraud Directed/Edited/VFX by your child. Photography @jhudakjrdp Produced by @firstwaveent @iamjulescortez Art Design by @erinlynnwelsh Wardrobe by @styledbystaceyjordan Starring @itsqueenayan @mr_biazon @duelxktp @rbatzz @classicholloway Photo by @impressiveluke BTS by @thebatmanofrap of Study provided by @lightbox_ny @bravomediainc I'm missing so many more people here, but it's early. #thechairmansintent #bluechips7000 #qnsmade

A post shared by Rik Cordero (@rikcordero) on Jul 27, 2017, at 5:10 am PDT

The video release is the last step in the deployment of Bronson's upcoming Blue Chips 7000 album. After some frustrating delays, Bronson first full (music) project from 2015 Wonderful gift of breakout will come on the 25th of August.

BLUE CHIPS 700000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 AUGUST 25

— BLUE CHIPS 7000 (@ActionBronson) July 27, 2017

Watch the video above, and scroll down to the Blue-Chip 7000 art of the album.



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