Akademiks Gives Joe Budden His Props But That’s Where It Stops: ‘I’m Not Rory Or Mini Mal’

HipHop News Posted on December 1, 2020 at 3:30am

Akademiks Gives Joe Budden His Props But That’s Where It Stops: ‘I’m Not Rory Or Mini Mal’

The 'Everyday Struggle' co-hosts announced the last episode of the popular 'Complex' video series will air on December 17.

Everyday Struggle co-hosts Akademiks, Nadeska Alexis and Wayno announced the popular Complex video series was coming to end during Monday’s (November 30) episode. Following the announcement, Akademiks hopped on Twitch and explained why the show had dissolved.

While he praised former co-host Joe Budden for his contribution to the show, that’s where the pleasantries ended. Around the 15-minute mark, he began to ridicule The Joe Budden Podcast co-hosts Rory and Mal, claiming they’re nowhere near his level of success..centered-ad {

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“Sometimes we’ve been guilty of staying at the party too long,” he said. “Nine months in, Joe left. Joe kind of offered an invitation to come to REVOLT. I’m gonna be honest with you, I wasn’t with it. If y’all not talking to me … I’m not Rory and I’m not that Mini Mal, OK?

“It should be very evident in what I built, because those bum ass niggas are struggling. Facts. I’m gonna be a’ight. You know what I like about what Joe did? Joe making millions, he don’t care. You see them little bum ass niggas Rory and Mini Mal, them niggas is living like check to check. That was never me.”

Akademiks went on to explain he never needed the Complex gig to make financial ends meets — he was already making good money with his YouTube channel.

“Ask Joe when I pulled up to his crib the very first time


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