Armani Caesar's 'The Liz 2' Aims To Solidify Her Status As Griselda's Wild Card

HipHop News Posted on October 8, 2022 at 9:00am

Armani Caesar's 'The Liz 2' Aims To Solidify Her Status As Griselda's Wild Card

Early listens to "The Liz 2" revealed some surprises poised to take the Griselda brand into exciting new territory—with the Buffalo native serving as a bridge.

EXCLUSIVE – One glass ceiling that consistently hangs over Griselda Records and the various offshoot brands run by its starting lineup is its aesthetic. While they are unquestionably incredible artists, their sound has cultivated a fan base that isn’t likely to sit through any drastic watering down of their music; this is why Armani Caesar is a secret weapon.

The 33-year-old MC has found a way to avoid being artistically boxed in.

“I am the wild card,” Armani tells HipHopDX. Her role in what was thought to be a new Griselda initially drew criticism from some fans—most of whom converted after hearing her impressive 2020 debut, The Liz.


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She did understand their criticism, though, considering her projects, pre-Griselda, had a sonic sensibility that could be regarded as more mainstream.

“It was my duty to show that I could do both,” she says, acknowledging that she hopes to bring another side to the label’s overall personality—all while remaining a lyrical beast, so to speak.


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“I’m putting younger eyes on Hip Hop while setting a standard. However, you have to understand, Griselda can rap over boom bap beats, but they still go to the club,” she says. “People can be more than one thing.”

Her ability to remain eclectic is impressive, especially in a landscape where many female artists get lumped together.

“A lot of female rappers get pigeonholed,” she says. “We have critics saying all female rappers sound the same … only talking about their cookies or a ni**a.”

The niche she’s managed to carve for herself is one she believes will become even more expansive with the release of The Liz 2, executively produced by Westside Gunn.

“With this [album],


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