Artist Accuses XXXTENTACION To Steal Your Work

HipHop News Posted on September 6, 2017 at 8:17am

Artist Accuses XXXTENTACION To Steal Your Work

The artist also has some tips for other creators of content.

An artist who goes by @wehadnoidea on Instagram is planning to take legal action against XXXTENTACION after alleging the Broward County native used his work without permission, according to a report from the back.

The painting in question is a portrait of X, which the artist says was taken and used by a hooded sweatshirt design.

After the artist hit the 17, rapper in your DMs, X initially seemed open to some form of compensation, asking, "How would you like me to compensate you?"

He asked X if he was going to be for future collaborations or simply a cut of merchandising sales, but we do not receive a response. Later DMed with someone of the Revenge of the clothing line that made the hoodie, I thought that X had obtained the permission, and asked, "Why u trippin now."

Jah is in reference to the X's real name, Jahseh Onfroy.

The artist was then hit with a block after that he was told from X's account, "the Hope that the universe blesses you. Take care of yourself."

The Revenge web site currently requires a password to access it, but the artist says the hoodie that is sold on the site the day it came out, and also sent to Turn the evidence of that is resold on a German website.

For now, @wehadnoidea has issued a strong warning to other artists, which was published on the 11th of August.

"About two months ago @xxxtentacion #xxxtentacion used my art on the part of your merchandising," the artist wrote. "I was flattered, but upset I did not get any compensation for the work. Not a mention or a simple payment . When I stepped up to the mark of the Revenge they asked me 'why are you shooting" and when I went to xxx, he kindly asked how I would like to be compensated. I was a Ghost. I'm doing this post solely for educating other independent artist that this can happen , watermark your work. Fight for your work."

About two months ago @xxxtentacion #xxxtentacion used my art on the part of your merchandising. I was flatte


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