Ash Cash Flipped JAY-Z's "4:44" Financial Self-Help Book

HipHop News Posted on January 8, 2018 at 9:00am

Ash Cash Flipped JAY-Z's "4:44" Financial Self-Help Book

#DXCLUSIVE: "I want to know what's more important than throwing money in a strip club? Of credit."

JAY-Z acclaimed 4:44 — one of HipHopDX's Best Albums of Rap, 2017 — it was a revelation of the race, showing clearly that it has acquired, as a father and husband. However, as shown in the new book The Wake Up Call: Financial Inspiration Learned from the 4:44 am + A step by step Guide on How to Implement Each Financial Principle, the album is much more than that.

F O R. T H E. C U L T U R A L L E ✊🏾‼️ #444 #financialfreedomouronlyhope

A post shared by Ash Exantus (Ash Cash (@iamashcash) on January 8, 2018 at 6:55 pm PST

Author, radio host, personal finance expert and celebrity life coach Ash Exantus — better known as Ash Cash decoded from the large amount of financial gems in the album and has created a step-by-step blueprint for the construction and use of credit, start a business, invest money wisely, and much more.

"My inspiration for the book was that JAY was giving a lot of knowledge about how you can become financially free ... as an individual, as well as the way in which we (as a culture) can break the cycle of poverty in our community," Cash explained to HipHopDX. "Because some of the concepts may be new for some of us, I wanted to expound more on the concept that JAY gave us (game of words). In essence, JAY gave us the "what". My goal with the book was to give the 'how to do it.'"

As the author explains, Hip Hop — as a platform, has always been a teaching tool since its inception, especially in regard to financial health.

"Busta Rhymes said to us that 'thread a little, invest in a mutual fund' and Quavo is telling us how to invest our money wisely when he says, 'the sack and the fumble, I get the bag and turn and tumble dryer,'" notes Cash. "Our music can take a serious and frightening subject like finance, and to help us learn the lessons we were never taught."

In the words of Mr. Shawn Carter, "to the Fucking rich! We're going to get rich! Who else gon' feed, in Cash," he says.

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