Backed By A Major Label, No One, Not Even Bktherula, Knows What She'll Do Next

HipHop News Posted on October 19, 2020 at 10:30pm

Backed By A Major Label, No One, Not Even Bktherula, Knows What She'll Do Next

The one-of-a-kind artist talks her upcoming album 'Nirvana,' why she's always evolving, and her favorite chicken spot in Atlanta.

When Bktherula starts a song, she’s trying to take you to a new dimension. The vocalist has crafted a groggy niche with her inventive delivery, switching almost instantaneously between revealing confessions and prideful boasts. Meanwhile, the music behind her vocals creates the kaleidoscopic feeling of floating on a cloud, grounded by booming 808s that grip you to the speakers.

Bk hails from Atlanta, and finds inspiration through life experiences rather than the city’s music. Bk’s Atlanta looks like routine adventures around the city, sounds like daily sessions and experiments in the studio, and tastes like the crispy fried deliciousness from JJ’s Fish & Chicken. “It’s like, fried chicken with crack powder on it,” she says. “I be throwing it down at JJ’s.”.centered-ad {

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Recently signed to Warner Records, Bk likes to keep to herself, and when she’s not eating, she’s probably cooking up a new sound. The withdrawn artist doesn’t know what she’ll do next, and for her, that’s exactly the point. Always on the path to true self-discovery, the young artist evolves more than once every full moon, and her music evolves with it. So rather than a concrete, set-in-stone vision for her musical future, she says it changes faster than she can keep up with.

“[My vision] changes so fast, bro,” Bktherula says. “I’ll literally be


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