Battle Rap Is Taking in Downtown Toronto For the "Body" Premiere At TIFF

HipHop News Posted on August 25, 2017 at 1:38am

Battle Rap Is Taking in Downtown Toronto For the "Body" Premiere At TIFF

The Eminem-produced the film premiere will feature a battle between the scriptwriter Kid Twist and the Madness.

Toronto, ON – Battle rap is getting showed next month at the Toronto International Film Festival with the premiere of Body, the upcoming satirical film is produced by Eminem and directed by Joseph Khan. As part of the festivities, one of the main streets of the city will be partially closed from September 7-10 to accommodate pedestrians, performances and screenings. And in between those performances will be a rap battle to help promote the film.

Kid Twist, the film's screenwriter, and a former King Of The Dot battle rap champion, will be going toe-to-toe with fellow veteran of the Madness, which is one of the many battle rappers who appear in the film.

In conjunction with all the world better than I do. Stolen from @alexktwist. #BODY

A post shared by Tony Madness (@tonymadness) on September 1, 2016, at 4:05 pm PDT

The battle is actually a rematch of their clash to Grind the Time of the legendary Battle Of The Bay 5 events in 2009.

After the battle of the ad, both Kid Twist and the Madness took to the social networks to offer their reaction to the news.


— Rotation (@alexktwist) August 22, 2017

Insanity vs @alexktwist is going down at #TIFF in Toronto for the launch of @BodiedMovie. I'm going to make use of all their funniest nerd jokes. #BODY

— Tony Madness (@MrMadness) August 22, 2017

So I am fighting @alexktwist in #TIFF17 for the premiere of @bodiedmovie. I know right? It IS crazy. Come through! #TIFF #BODY

A post shared by Tony Madness (@tonymadness) on 22 August, 2017 10:21 PDT

The rap battle that will take place in the King of the Street, somewhere between Peter Street and University Avenue. The closed section will be known as the Festival of the Street, a "car-free zone for activations, performances, projections and much more."

Body found in Oakland, California, and is described in the TIFF format of the website as "a satirical ex


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