Benny The Butcher Says He Didn't Feel Famous Until He Got Shot

HipHop News Posted on December 1, 2020 at 12:39am

Benny The Butcher Says He Didn't Feel Famous Until He Got Shot

The Griselda rapper appears on 'The Joe Budden Podcast' in his first interview since being shot in Houston.

For the first time in his rap career, Benny The Butcher is feeling the effects of being in the public eye. After being shot in November, the Griselda rapper phoned in to The Joe Budden Podcast to speak on the incident, revealing he’s never experienced that type of situation in his life.

“I really ain’t feel famous until I got shot,” he admitted. “I done been through the streets, I done took all type of dope from niggas, I done been all type of shit to niggas and niggas ain’t shoot me until I became a rapper. So I realized that I’m in a different arena and I gotta play that way. I see myself as one thing and the world see me as a different thing. Ain’t no manual for this shit.”.centered-ad {

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Benny also admitted to Joe Budden that being shot has done something to his psyche.

“It make you become somebody you don’t wanna be — shit crazy,” he said. “But fuck all that I’m in good spirits though.”

Benny The Butcher was reportedly shot in Houston, Texas on November 14 during an attempted robbery in a Walmart parking lot. According to reports, Benny was sitting in his car with two friends when five men pulled up and demanded their chains while holding guns. After moving too slow for their liking, a round was fired into Benny’s leg before they fled the scene, with the Buffalo native later being taken to hospital.

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