Bronx Rapper Daytona Accidentally Craft A Football Anthem

HipHop News Posted on August 22, 2017 at 8:44am

Bronx Rapper Daytona Accidentally Craft A Football Anthem

This is a great victory.

Few artists goal of designing a hymn; still less to create a sports anthem.

There is a long history of songs that, when taken in a slightly different context, become synonymous with athletics of the motivation, though. Eminem "lose yourself" Wiz Khalifa "Black And Yellow" and Jim Jones ' epic "fly High" have all found their way into countless highlight reels and racked up huge spins during live sports events.

Now, it seems as if New York, the rapper from Daytona is about to join the ranks with his Harry Fraud-produced "Runnin' to Play', which was recently used in a promotional video of the University of Michigan football team.

Runnin' plays. We are ready!! #GoBlue

— Michigan Football (@UMichFootball) August 11, 2017

"We have a lot of great things that come with ESPN," Daytona tells HipHopDX. "I was surprised to see Michigan Football posted on Instagram and Twitter. It was a great thing for me ... that opened my eyes."

He admits that he never saw the sports angle up to that point. "This is another thing."

The unexpected development is just another notch in Daytona on the strap. The rapper — formerly known as The Kid Daytona, recently won the biggest aspect of his career, appearing in the chorus of French Montana's "Bring Dem Things," which also features Pharrell.

Although it is not clear why he was not directly credited on the song, he is grateful for the opportunity. He also notes that the function is not no secret in his hometown.

"Funkmaster Flex shouts my name when he plays," he says. "Therefore, all the DJs and all of my peers. And that means a lot to me. "[The French] could have said that the hook itself ... the fact that he left me gave me a help that I have ever had in terms of the main stream. That was my introduction; be on a record with someone that you idolize as Pharrell, someone who changed the culture ... it was a super great opportunity for me."

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