Busdriver - FR BLK PR Radio Ep 7 - Musings On The Afro-Techno-Utopia [Stream/ Listen]

Busdriver Posted on September 5, 2017 at 10:42pm


You've got to hear Busdriver's new masterpiece, FR BLK PR Radio Ep 7 - Musings On The Afro-Techno-Utopia, which was just turned loose on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

the free black press radio

jive master: Regan

producers: Fumitake Tamura/Bun and Driver

The free black press returns. We discuss the world in the grasp of the tech savvy coloured people of the West... and also the Klansman that largely designed the ghettos of America.

written by Equiano/Regan

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Busdriver really killed it with their release of FR BLK PR Radio Ep 7 - Musings On The Afro-Techno-Utopia! It's the biggest hit to come out this year, and you have got to hear it as soon as you can! Just the thought of Busdriver's next release is getting us excited!

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