"Chopper" Is The Most Hip Hop Of The Word, And Other Lessons Of New Vocabulary Study

HipHop News Posted on September 27, 2017 at 2:28am

"Chopper" Is The Most Hip Hop Of The Word, And Other Lessons Of New Vocabulary Study

A new study reveals that the words're more likely to listen to Hip Hop from other genres, as well as which words are most associated with certain rappers.

Have you ever noticed that the word "trapping" features a more Hip Hop songs in the songs of Celine Dion or Dolly Parton?

Matt Daniels in The Pudding studied about 50,000 Hip Hop songs of popular artists to discover the specific words that are said more often by Hip Hop artists of the artists of any other genre. The study also compared Hip Hop artists to one another, to reveal that the words are more unique for each artist.

The comparison of the probability that a word appears in a rap song to the probability that appears in a song of another genre, the study found that "chopper" is the most Hip Hop of the word. "Stunted growth," "bending, "mane", "the triune," "capture," "homie," "balling," "suitable," and "snitch" make up the entire Top 10 (in that order).

"Sailed" is the least Hip Hop of the word.

Some of the proper names also have — such as Nike and Biggie. Which makes sense, since you can't remember the last time Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen sang about any of those things.

The study to which words are most central to each of the artists looked at "1. words that an artist says more that the genre of the media (N. W. the use of the word "police") and 2. rare words in hip hop – if an artist says, there is a good chance that you knew who he was (N. W. the use of "Compton")."

As expected, some of the words that you are more likely to hear in a JAY-Z song include "Hov," "Jigga" and "republic of china." Some are a little more to the left of the field, such as Kendrick Lamar Top 10, including words such as "Lucy", "Abuse" and "Vanity" (although your number one of the word is "Compton").

In some cases, what sets one rapper apart is not even a real word. Lil Yachty number one of the Most Yachty word is "Skrrrt," for example, although Kodak Black, Drake and Migos are also known to use it.

In general, it seems that the words that are unique to specific rappers tend to be of your city or state, or a list of their own


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