Dee-1 Reminds Juvenile & B. G. Dissing His Music In The Early Days Of His Career

HipHop News Posted on December 18, 2017 at 9:00pm

Dee-1 Reminds Juvenile & B. G. Dissing His Music In The Early Days Of His Career

#DXclusive: During HipHopDX's #LitnessTest, Slingshot, David shared some hilarious gems of discouragement, that he suffered before signing with a record label.

Los Angeles, CA – Nothing is easy, especially in the saturated market of rappers, singers, or weird combinations of the two, even when the concept of proximity appears to be an ally.

Dee-1 had to learn the hard way that his New Orleans right of birth does not automatically make it a competitor in the eyes of a few of their Hip Hop heroes. Had to put in the work to earn your respect.

During a recent Los Angeles promo run for his critically acclaimed studio debut, the Honda of David, HipHopDX had the positive advancement rapper to sit in as a guest in the #LitnessTest and after one of the presentations was clearly considered to be amateurs, at the age of 28, Dee-1 shared a couple of (now) hilarious experiences that he endured with a few of the original Hot Boys.

"When I started rapping, I was not the person that we hear today," the n'awlins MC openly admitted. "B. G. threw one of my CDs out the window before.

"We was at the House of Blues of New Orleans ... T. I. had a concert at the House of Blues. B. G. rock with T. I.! B. G. a real type; B. G. was standing among the crowd, with the whole world! To the front on Decatur Street in the French quarter, then I was like, 'Man, this my shot!' I am going to holla at B. G.!

"I was like, 'What's up brother? I, I'm Dee-1, you know, yadda yadda yaddda' and gave the mixtape. So, I gave him the mixtape and he was looking and I realized from jump street, he didn't really want to listen to it. So he went out and got in his whip and when I saw the kick, I literally saw my CD flying out the window! Literally! And what I did? I did what any real guy would do. I said, 'Man, I paid for that!' And I went and picked it up and said that I was going to give this to someone who will appreciate my mixtape!'

Turk, you're Up: Dee-1's new album includes the song "I Want to Be a Hot Guy," a fixture of register seeing that he had meetings with most of them, the most notable of Lil Wayne.

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